MJ Viajes

A Little Information About MJ Viajes

MJ Viajes is a traveling artist born in Seattle Washington. The emerging artist attended The Art Institute of Seattle for a short period of time but is mostly self taught. MJ works with acrylic, oil paintings, and is starting to work with digitial medium.

She has recently started a new series of acrylic paintings called “My Crazy Family”. The series explores the uniqueness of her friends and family members through both colorful and monochromatic subjects within one composition. She feels that the use of both techniques allows her to highlight items of interest within each piece.

The artist is inspired by Frida Kahlo, the human condition, and pop culture.

MJ Viajes has been featured in art publications, including Art Buzz and has shown her art with Alfredo Arreguin. Some of her past commisions include a mural for The Seattle Ferry Service.

She is currently attempting to become a successful traveling artist. She gave up most of her possessions (except for her art supplies and a small amount of clothing) in order to travel and experience the world. She stays in each country for as long the tourist visas allow. For now she lives in SE Asia.